21-sep-2019: Rock cafe Taste, Groenlo (NL). link
5-okt-2019: De Riddert, Rotterdam (NL). link
25-okt-2019: Lola, Groningen (NL). link
8-nov-2019: Rock cafe Lazarus, Leiden (NL). link
16-nov-2019: KOFA, Vlaardingen (NL). link
29-nov-2019: The Rocking Bull, Antwerpen (BE). link
13-dec-2019: De Speeltuin, Breda (NL). link

Past Gigs:

31-aug-2019: Roosendaal Open Air Metalfestival (NL). link
1-jun-2019: StudioGonz,Gouda (NL). link
24-may-2019: Den Drummer, Gent (BE). link
22-mar-2019: Doe Maar Vet Battle, Etten Leur (NL). link
15-mar-2019: Popradar, Den Haag (NL). link
22-feb-2019: WPC Nederland 3, Wateringen (NL). link
18-jan-2019: Wolfsonic festival, de Witte Wolf, Groningen (NL). link
13-jan-2019: PoGo, Gorinchem (NL). link
16-nov-2018: Jaxx, Roosendaal (NL). link
10-nov-2018: KOFA, Vlaardingen (NL). link
7-sep-2018: De Speeltuin, Breda (NL). link
7-apr-2018: Zwaanfest festival, Kapelle, Zeeland (NL). link


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Hvalross // Death From Above // Music & Lyrics by Hvalross
Recorded at Studio Donderslag // Guitar solo by Wally

Hvalross // Tiresome Endeavor // Music & Lyrics by Hvalross
Recorded at Studio Donderslag


Hvalross is a hard rocking band from the South of the Netherlands.
The members have been rocking since they were teenagers
(and believe us, that is a while ago).
In 2018 the four decided that it was time to pick up their
instruments again, three years after the break up of their former
band 'the astral travellers'.
The old timers are back! In the past they played punk, metal, classic
rock and prog rock. In Hvalross this is all blended into a coctail of
heavy rock, metal and stoner with a touch of prog.
It is said that you can hear influences from Mastodon, Priest, Black
Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but in the end it's just hard rocking Hvalross!

- Vocals: Geb
- Guitars: Bor
- Bass: Marty
- Drums: Tris

band photo